Promoting Advocacy Through Digital Transformation

Health Advocate is a national health, wellness, and patient advocacy company providing benefits to over 20 million users. We provided strategic consultation and experience design that transformed their business and product offerings.

Setting up a foundation for success

We ran a comprehensive competitive analysis to understand the business landscape. Immersing ourselves in the state of the industry helped us identify opportunities for differentiation and excellence. Our findings focused the strategic direction of the engagement.

Creating a unique digital brand

We led cross-functional teams in a series of workshops to define their brand vision and metrics for success. The core brand elements we designed reflect Health Advocate’s value proposition and are the foundation of the new identity.

Maintaining a scalable design system

We created a comprehensive design system to document all styles, components, and rules. It allowed us to design quickly while ensuring the highest level of usability and consistency.

Designing a best-in-class experience

The redesign needed to meet business goals and modernize the user experience. We worked closely with subject matter experts and users throughout the process to understand their needs. We combined best practices and innovative approaches to create engaging experiences. Usability testing validated the design and supported iteration before development was started.

Guiding sales & marketing

The value of the design system and interactive prototype was extended to additional groups within HealthAdvocate. The sales team used the high-fidelity prototype to secure new business. The marketing team was provided assets and a brand/identity guide which guided their efforts in multiple channels.

Supporting development

The high-fidelity prototype containing pixel-perfect spacing, styles, and assets was provided directly to the development team. They had real-time, unfettered access throughout each design sprint. Synchronous commenting was used to align and collaborate, which was instrumental to smooth development cycles.


“We are incredibly pleased with the deliverables from their team… Their work perfectly reflects the vision we had at the start. We’ve landed a few new clients due to the prototypes they’ve developed even before we launched the solution.”

Vice President, Product


Doctor Finder Tool


New Business Acquisition

Prior to Launch

$2 MM+