Usability Evaluation Series

We used our proprietary usability research platform to evaluate competitive pharmaceutical brand sites for healthcare professionals. For each site we identified specific usability issues and summarized the overall state of the industry.

Defining research criteria

Identifying brand sites

With diabetes becoming a significant nation-wide problem, we wanted to assess the usability of sites communicating important information to healthcare professionals. We identified 6, Type II Diabetes | GLP-1, short and long-acting insulin brand sites for evaluation:

Evaluating Usability

The overall experience of a site is affected by the number and impact of encountered issues. Collections of small problems can be just as important as a single more impactful issue. For each page we identify specific heuristic issues, assess the usability impact, and indicate the best means for remediation.

Synthesizing results

The home page and 1 interior page were evaluated for each mobile brand site. The total number of issues varied enough across brands to be meaningful. But more importantly, the distribution of higher impact issues was uneven causing sites like Victoza to be much less usable than the others. Most problems could be easily fixed, giving brands that care an important edge over the competition.