User Research

Your business is most successful when users enjoy and benefit from using your product. We utilize multiple research methodologies to uncover key user insights. Armed with the right information helps you make informed product decisions that drive engagement and revenue.

User interviews

User interviews

One-on-one user discussions are a great way to gather deep insights. Our interviews are interactive and focused on the areas that provide the most value to your product.


While all users are unique, common factors and usage patterns can be expressed in a set of sample user personas. We create personas that act as guideposts for discussion, requirements, and roadmapping.

Stakeholder workshops

Collaborative discussions with the right people at the right time lead to innovation and alignment. We use a variety of methodologies to evoke lively participation and creative problem solving.


Quickly and easily gathering insights from many users at once is an effective tool for design and acts as a baseline for ROI measurements. Our informed survey design process guarantees the most accurate and actionable data for your project.

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We can drive the end-to-end experience design process for any project in any vertical.

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Sometimes you just need help with a specific part of a project or guidance on solving a design problem.

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