Usability Analysis

The usability of an interface is affected by the number and impact of issues. We use our proprietary usability evaluation system and other methodologies to identify and fix problems.

Usability testing

Usability testing

Testing an interface with real users provides deep insights essential to fine-tuning your product. We design and run comprehensive or focused usability tests that identify areas for improvement.

Usability evaluation

Users abandon interfaces for reasons large and small. Our expert review will identify usability flaws and propose fixes that increase revenue and user satisfaction. Small changes lead to big wins.

User session analysis

Third-party tools are used to capture the actions of users as they progress through your interface. We analyze hundreds of sessions to find pain points, drop-offs, and unmet opportunities.

Site analytics

We study your product analytics to identify areas that are underperforming. Then we use our research methodologies to determine why. Once the problems are solved, analytics are great to prove out ROI.

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Sometimes you just need help with a specific part of a project or guidance on solving a design problem.

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