What is Targetability?

Targetability describes how easy an interactive element is to click on the first try.

Why does targetability matter?

When interacting with your product its important that a user’s flow is smooth and easy. Interactive elements must be easy to access. That means having an optimal clickable size and distance away from other elements. Products feel usable whe the intended action is accomplished on the first try.

How does FOXGROOVE ensure targetability?

Targetability needs to be considered in the context of the device. What works with a mouse on a desktop monitor may need to be modified for a finger on a mobile device. Navigation, buttons, links, and other interactive elements must be designed thoughtfully in order to make sure they can be easily acquired and clicked.. When an object is too small it may be hard to interact with easily. When a series of objects are too close together, the wrong item could be clicked.

Our Approach

1. Make objects large enough to facilitate first time target acquisition.

2. Space interactive objects far enough apart to increase click accuracy.

FOXGROOVE uses our creativity, experience, and a guiding set of 50+ usability principles to make every product successful.