What is Scanability?

Scanability describes how easy it is to skim content for key information.

Why does scanability matter?

Users will not read your content. Instead, they scan for information entry points that match their need or pique interest. If they find a hook they will read a little deeper. Structuring and styling content helps users with different needs quickly and easily find information and complete their goals. When users find value quickly they tend to stay longer and have higher conversion rates.

How does FOXGROOVE ensure scanability?

There are two aspects to scanability: structure and syntax. Structure describes how content is organized and displayed. Syntax describes how the content is written. We balance audience needs, structure, and content to helps user find and consume the most relevant content. Simplifying sentence syntax, chunking content into smaller pieces, using lists, and placing keywords at beginning of sentences help users more easily find information that supports their task.

Our Approach

1. Shorten and chunk content to facilitate content consumption

2. Use indentation, bullets, and numbering to provide anchor points for scanning

3. Simplify sentence structure and place key words at the beginning of sentences to facilitate content consumption.