What is Locational Awareness?

Locational awareness describes how well a design conveys the user’s current location or process step.

Why does locational awareness matter?

Car GPS is great at showing users where they are at and where they going. It reduces the stress of feeling lost and helps the driver get to their destination. Products have similar needs. A well-designed interface that provides location cues affords a sense of confidence. Users that know their location feel comfortable and are more likely to stay in product and explore.

How does FOXGROOVE ensure locational awareness?

There are two aspects to locational awareness: headings and design cues. Heading variables include word choice, placement, and font treatment. Design cues includes graphic treatment and iconography. Balancing these two aspects in coordination with the brand creates an overall framework for providing location information in a product.

Our Approach

1. Highlight current position in all levels of the navigation.

2. Highlight current position in stepped interactions.

FOXGROOVE uses our creativity, experience, and a guiding set of 50+ usability principles to make every product successful.